The Isle of Titans Wiki

On the outskirts of the city, sat a small inn named The Salty Snail. It was dirty, falling apart, and its only patrons were that of an unsavory nature. In the basement of the inn hid a trapdoor that led to a secret keep which an order of Goblin thieves called home. The order was known as The Mouse Rats.

One night after their usual raid of the city's wealthy residents, Kringle the head Goblin unloaded his sack full of loot to find a very large baby had crawled its way inside. In a panic, Kringle had no idea what he should do so he did like the other Goblins and ran away. Not being an order of murderers, the Goblins decided they must do something. They had to either figure out which house the baby had come from and risk being caught, or take the child in as their own...

Years passed and Buddy was raised in the art of thievery and Goblin-kind. He was not as skilled as the other Goblins in the order, certain size limitations proved to be difficult for him to succeed. Though he did find his own ways to contribute to the order. He was the only 'Goblin' that was able to carry multiple sacks of loot making him the perfect get-away vehicle. He was also the only baritone in the Goblin choir.

The day finally came when Buddy realized something just wasn't right about himself. That he did not feel particularly "Goblin-like' and that something was off. So Buddy packed up his belongings and hugged Kringle goodbye, lifting him 5 feet into the air, and set off to find his own path and his true belonging.